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Triple Hats

These are for larger weddings and events. When using 3 hats you can choose the shape: either a straight line, L-shape or a triangle, whichever suits the site best. A triple hat set up can comfortably seat 120 people and still leave room for a dance floor and bar area.

Triple Hat Tipi

3 x Giant Tipis

Seating space for 120

Space for dancefloor

Bar area

Triple straight web.JPG

Triple Hat Packages

Guide Price


Our packages are completely customizable, see our Finishing Touches page for more!

Giant Hat Tipi

Woven Matting

Dance floor

Entrance Porch







15ftx15ft parquet


Fairy Lights

Choice of chairs for dining guests

Choice of tables for dining guests

Even in summer its great to have a backup

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