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How to Plan a Marquee Wedding

There used to be a point in time where getting invited to a marquee wedding felt like a bit of a cop out, not traditional enough. We are lucky enough to be living in the 21st century and finally people crave individuality. Church weddings are obviously as beautiful as they have ever been but “soon to be’s” are constantly wondering how they can make a special day memorable for every single attendee.

Outdoor Marquee wedding are not what they used to be at all. With the technology and atheistic options now available to the general public, the marquee really is a blank canvas in which you can create your perfect environment. Let’s be honest, there is something magical and romantic about creating your whole venue from concept to delivery. You can reflect you and your partner’s styles and personalities throughout!

Step One – Weather Logistics It goes without saying, most of you reading this blog would prefer a nice sunny day, no rain, no wind, no snow. That sounds ideal but I think you’re forgetting we live in England. The weather can cover all of the above in just an afternoon alone so when it comes to planning your ideal outdoor wedding this is a factor you would need to take into account in the early planning stages. Firstly, take note when I say. You don’t need to wait until summer just because you want a sunny wedding. I’m writing this in January, it’s sunny outside, not wet but fairly cold. If you would like a wedding where most of your party are inside the venue actually partying then a day like today might be perfect for you. I know you’re thinking about the temperature but lucky for you, we have all this covered. We are prepared for any situation to keep your special day special. In an event in which your party was cold, we would close up the marquee and provide heaters, you would be surprised how fast they actually heat up! Again, being in England. It is hard to 100% predict what the weather will be that day. A wet wedding isn’t a bad wedding, it’s all about how you adapt! We stock an array of equipment to keep your wedding functioning and compatible throughout!

Step Two – Finding a site Another very important factor when planning for a marquee wedding is picking a site in which we can erect the marquee. Some wedding venues actually market themselves are “tipi friendly” or “Outdoor Friendly” as marquees are becoming a serious option within the wedding planning space, everyone wants their day to be that little niche. Some of these venues will let you actually use their outdoor space for your wedding and let you use indoor for the ceremony and accommodation; others will just let you use their building for a nice backdrop in your pictures.

Some couples are lucky enough to own an abundance of land for themselves, so why not try and utilise the land you already have? I agree, it does sound perfect, would say you some hassle and money but in reality, if you decide to host the wedding on your own land you need to take into account that your special day itself will be a 24 hour activity all in. If you decide to have the wedding on your own land you will have people coming and going the week before up until the week after to get everything in place and be set up for your special day. Believe me when I say, the week before a wedding is stressful and the week after is beautiful, I wouldn’t advice taking on this extra admin and responsibility personally BUT, if you’re old enough to get married you’re old enough to make your own mind up on that one.

It is worth mentioning that we are actually in the process at the moment of securing our own site, that’s right. We’re making your wedding plans even easier with us. We can’t say too much yet but all I will say, keep an eye out as we plan on having an open day in May that will include our marquee, our site, vendors and much more.

Step Three – Practicalities It is easy to overlook logistics and practicality when getting wrapped up in the moment with your soon to be. So, we’ll outline a few aspects you need to take into account.

For example, if you are holding your marquee wedding on your own land you need to think where are people staying, is there parking, will my neighbours mind, where will they go to the toilet, where will you get power from, where is the nearest point for running water etc. If you answered most of those questions with “inside my house” then I would like to highlight the fact you will more than likely end up spending your first day married cleaning up your home. Personally, that is not my ideal way to spend my first day with my loved one.

There is SO much more to consider than listed above, my recommendation would be to try and think back to a traditional wedding you have been to and all the elements that went into that & how you could reflect that seamlessly with a marquee wedding. Don’t worry, we will help fill in the gaps for you, we want you to have the perfect wedding day also, we won’t let you go without.

Step Four – Design & Theme of your marquee This aspect is either the more fun or more stressful aspect of a marquee wedding depending on what kind of person you are. This is when you get your opportunity to be niche and stand out from the rest and have a niche wedding. We can supply all the heaters, bars & dance floors etc but now is your real chance to make such a beautiful environment on such a blank canvas.

You need to thing do you want more tables than dancefloor? Do you want to tables to move out the way at a certain point? Where do you want the bar? Do you want a theme or just look wedding-like? This is your chance to make the special day your own and actually reflect you and your loved ones interests.

The beauty of a marquee wedding is that this space is completely yours, do what you want with it! Don’t be shy, this is your special day!

Step Five – Get the Marquee and Other Equipment If you are on the hunt for a Marquee wedding and all the other equipment that goes alongside it then lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to have a look around our site to see what we can offer you but don’t be shy to ask us if we can get hold of anything else, we are tied in with a number of suppliers in the UK so we will see what we can do.

If you would like to discuss your perfect marquee wedding and how we can help, feel free to get in touch!

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